Ivan Hernandez


Excessive Similarity Detector

Detect how implausibly similar a series of descriptive statistics from a study are.
Data that are excessively similar are unlikely to have been drawn from random a sample and may have been fabricated by the researcher.

Incredibility Calculator

Calculate the incredibility of a series of results. Effect sizes for a given power level should only be significant a fraction of the time. Too many significant/non-significant results suggests fabrication or withholding findings.

Inlier Detection

Examine whether any data points contain unusually similar responses compared to the rest of the data. Randomly sampled data naturally vary, and responses that are too similar to the mean may have been generated unnaturally or deliberately.

Psychometric Calculator

Calculate various statistics for planning research studies. Often, researchers have not addressed important questions about their measures prior to running studies. The answers to these questions determine the potential to find certain effects in data.

Map Solver

Group various points of interest (e.g. crime, travel spots, stores) into smaller, more manageable, clusters. Points are selected by the user and the locations are divided into groups based on their closeness to other points.

Genetic Schedule

Create the optimal weekly work schedule for a group of people. This program reads in user-provided excel files containing the availability for each person. It then uses a genetic algorithm to create a schedule that works best with people's availability.


Determine the extent that people in a room prefer to sit next other people who are similar to them. Create a seating chart in a spreadsheet, and the program will calculate whether the number of people sitting next to similar others in that room is unlikely if people were simply choosing their seats randomly.

Desire2Learn (D2L) Easy Multiple Choice Quiz Creator

Easily create a Desire2Learn (D2L) formatted multiple choice quiz by entering in a question with question options. Indicate the correct answer with an asterisk. Separate each question with a blank line. The quiz creator then outputs a D2L formatted CSV that can be downloaded and imported into the D2L quiz creator.